Park Street, Bridgend AQMA (Bridgend County Borough Council)

The area comprising the Bridgend County Borough Council Air Quality Management Area Order No. 1, Park Street is that contained within the following boundary:-

The designated area borders the green space area prior to the rear entrance of properties located on Sunnyside Road. The designated area incorporates all north facing properties, including their open space areas between 39 Park Street and 105 Park Street. The boundaries’ northern side borders the open space areas that front the south facing properties encapsulating the public access pathway.

Twynyrodyn Road AQMA

Monitoring identified an exceedence of the annual mean NO2 air quality standard. This was associated with traffic, in particular uphill traffic using Twynyrodyn Road. The AQMA extends from the Western End of Twynyrodyn Road to 147 Gilfach Cynon.

A Welsh copy of the order is available.